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We are also planning to release the UK, France, in Germany.

It is released in audio book “know the mind of Japan” the series

know the mind of Japan




[Audiobook] Oku No Hosomichi ”The Narrow Road to Oku” ”The Narrow Road Through the Provinces” (Japanese)

[Audiobook] Bushido ” The Soul of Japan” (Japanese and English version)(CD10Disc On Demand)


Audiobook “The Book of Tea” Okakura Tenshin (English Version and Japanese Version) (CD6 Disc On Demand)

[Audiobook]Miyamoto MUsashi Gorinnosyo ” The Book of Five Rings” (Japanese version)(3CD Disc On Demand)

[Audiobook] Yasunari Kawabata YUKIGUNI “The Snow Country” (Japanese version)

(4CD Disc On Demand) The Nobel Prize in Literature 1968


[Audiobook] Izu NO Odoriko “The Izu Dancer” Yasunari Kawabata (Japanese version)(1CD Disc On Demand)