Kakuzo Okakura
Hector Sierra
Ai Library/Kotonoha Publications

掲載日 ジャンル:,

This is the third production of Kotonoha Publications called “Great Book Series that has passed on the Japanese feeling”.
You have not read it although you are a Japanese! Unbelievable! It is an excellent work. This remark was made by Hector Sierra, who presided the NGO “Artists without Boundaries” who were reciting the English version. When the whole Asia including Japan was looked down upon from the West in the early part of the last century, in order to make the West realize the enthusiasm and magnificence of the East, Kakuzo (Tenshin) Okakura wrote this book in Boston. The original draft is written in English. Some expressions which can be taken as provocative are used, and Taoism which is taking the root of the East and the heart of en are represented excellently in the “Tea Ceremony”. The first publication was in 1906 (Meiji 39). Even now after one century has passed, it is ndergoing series of versions and is currently on sale. (Iwanami Book Store/ISBN 4003311515) We will send the present work that has attracted many foreigners and Japanese people in distinguished literature reading format. (C) Kotonoha Publications